School appreciates that community life is strengthened when occasions and festivals are celebrated together. It makes our children understand our composite culture and value the concept of Unity in Diversity.

These celebrations are featured through Special Assemblies, Cultural Programmes, and theme based Competitions etc.

In addition to National Days, school celebrates Childern’s Day,Teachers’ Day,Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Id-ul-Fiter, Christmas,Gurupurab etc.


DATE                                                              DAY

07 April                                                          World Health Day

22 April                                                          Earth Day

08 May                                                           World Red Cross Day

05 June                                                          World Environment Day

01 Oct                                                             International Day for the Elders

24 Oct                                                             UNO Day

03 Dec                                                            World Day of the Handicapped

07 Dec                                                            Armed Forces Flag Day

10 Dec                                                             Human Rights Day

10 Jan                                                             World Laughter Day

12 Jan                                                             National Youth Day

16 Jan                                                             Vivekanand Jayanti

23 Jan                                                             Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti

30 Jan                                                             Martyr’s Day

28 Feb                                                             National Science Day

08 March                                                       International Women’s Day

22 March                                                        World Water Day