The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E), Delhi which is the largest board of school education in the Country and an autonomous body under the supervision of HRD, Govt. of India.

The syllabi for all India Secondary School Examinations (AISSCE for classes IX & X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE for classes XI & XII) as laid down by the CBSE are internationally standardized and updated on regular basis.

A school based curriculum has been designed for the rest of the classes i.e. I to VIII on the pattern of NCERT & CBSE so as to address to areas such as Language proficiency, Mathematical Ability, Reasoning and Creativity, General Awareness, Ability to reflect  and Imagine and establish links with outside world, Value Education, Physical & HealthEducation, Computer Awareness.

School  Circulars 

Teachers are requested to note the following information.:-                                                                       

All the class-teachers, particularly of classes from IX, X & XII, are hereby requested to prepare the result of Periodic Test-July, 2019 in the Teachers-Dairies by 03 August, 2019. This work must be completed under the supervision of their concerned following inchagres:-


  • Class IX                                           :-       Praveen Wigh
  • Class X                                           :-       Nirmal Sharma
  • Class XI & XII (Science Stream) :-        Monika Sharma
  • Class XI & XII (Commerce Stream) :-       Navneet Garg


Overall Incharges


Class IX & X       :-       Mr. Devendra Kumar

Class           XII              :-       Dr   Sonila  Sharma

Class           XI               :-       Mrs. Veenam Khurana


2- Half-yearly Examinations are going to be commenced from 14

September, 2019. The syllabus for the same should be covered up  as

per following percentage.:-


  1. Class IX 50%
  2. Class X 60%
  • Class XI 50%
  1. Class XII 70%


3- Teachers are requested to prepare minimum 01 Lesson Plan involving  Music & Dance, Art & Craft and others for better understanding by the students.  For this purpose, students of the classes should be divided into 4-5 groups. Their individual involvement is also necessary/must.


4- Teachers will use playing method for teaching students, laying minimum  stress on them .They (students) should have some practical experience of life, and for this purpose, take them to the post-office, bank or other places, but with prior permission of the undersigned . Use Role –Model method while teaching a drama in the class. One drama should be represented on the stage.


5-  Physical Education Teachers, particularly their Incharge Mr. Narendra Kumar, are hereby requested to maintain the  Physical Education as well as Sports Room (Room No. 95 & 96 ) properly.  Mr. Narendra Kumar will maintain the record of the periods/classes taken by teachers in that room, and report the matter(s) to the undersigned the same day.